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SDL Trados Live Essential November 2020 Release (20.11.1)

We have just released the latest comprehensive SDL Trados Live Essential update and we are glad to let you know that it delivers some great innovation and functionality.

To benefit from the new features and updates, just login to SDL Trados Live and they will be available immediately.

Support for bilingual files (such as pre-translated SDLXLIFF and XLIFF files) as source files in cloud projects

We have now added the ability to add bilingual files to projects, such as SDLXLIFF files that have been pre-processed in SDL Trados Studio, SDL Passolo or other products. When you add such a file to cloud projects, the Scan task will check that the source and/or target languages match the project languages and then copy the file to the appropriate target language. For files that don't match the language(s) in your current project, an error task will be generated which you can then resolve by replacing the file, editing the file type configuration and retrying.

This new capability enables use cases such as opening a file-based project package or any other local project in Studio and then taking the SDLXLIFF files from that project and create a cloud project with them. In this example, in an English (US) - German project, we are adding the SDLXLIFF files from the sample project in Studio:

Project TM and Termbase in offline package

If you are working for a customer that uses Trados Live Teams or higher Language Cloud offerings, they can now make project packages with file-based TMs and termbases available to you for offline use in SDL Trados Studio. So far, such packages could only contain SDLXLIFF files, but now they can also contain these resources. If you are working with SDL Trados Studio 2021 SR1 or higher, Studio will use both TMs and termbases. Older Studio versions can only support TMs.

Additional places to generate target files

We have now added more locations where you can download target files (including intermediate files). The additional locations include:

Inbox -> Task details (for Translation and Review Tasks types)

Inbox -> Task details -> Files

Open files in Online Editor/Studio from Stages and Files view

We have now added more places where you can open files in Online Editor and Studio. While previously this was only possible from the Inbox, you can now open tasks in Online Editor/Studio from the Project Details->Stages and Files views. This can help prevent jumping back and forth between Inbox and Projects. 

Online Editor now shows more project details

In Online Editor, we have added the ability to show additional project information, such as file name, project name and the location/customer.

Additional changes

  • Added a button to copy error and warning notifications into clipboard
  • Resolved an issue where formatting buttons in Online Editor did not work in certain scenarios
  • Resolved an issue around Spanish-Latin American not offering an MT engine
  • Resolved an issue with TM fields not showing in Project Templates
  • Various Performance and bug-fixes for Translation Memory Maintenance
  • Terminology import now supports text fields larger than 1024 characters
  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements

We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product!