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Trados Live Essential - 2021.Q3 Releases

Over the last few months, we have released several updates to our cloud platform in all offerings and wanted to give you a more comprehensive update on what has changed in Trados Live Essential as a result. These updates have been delivered to you incrementally over the last three months. Just login to your Trados Live Essential account to start benefitting from them.

Introducing User settings in Online Editor 

We have started enabling the concept of user settings in the Online Editor. Our first release offers the ability for you to change your preference for auto-propagation settings as well as the lookup settings such as minimum match value. This area will be expanded over time in the future with additional user settings.

Quality Assurance: Ignore Verification Messages 

When reviewing files, you now have the option to remove false-positive results from the file by ignoring messages one-by-one or ignoring all the messages of a certain type: 

Specify target languages per file during project creation

We have now introduced an advanced view for files during project creation, which enables you to specify target languages per file in multilingual projects. This is useful for cases where you have certain files that should not be localized into all target languages specified in the project. The Advanced interface also enables you to update languages, either adding a new language, replacing selected languages or removing them.

Content in Zip file support

We have now introduced the ability to upload source files as ZIP from the Language Cloud interface.

When you upload a ZIP file, the content will be extracted and you can individually specify if each file is to be treated as translatable or reference file. The original ZIP file will be kept as a reference file, so you always have the original (though you may opt to remove the original ZIP file). We will also keep the directory structure of the file or multiple ZIP files to handle situations where you have multiple files with the same name in different folders/ZIP.

Ability to change the appearance of the product

You can now change the default color scheme in Trados Live to suit your liking. You can configure this by clicking on your Avatar on the top right and selecting Appearance.

This will modify the main colors of the navigation bar, as well as certain main user interface elements such as buttons and more. We hope you like your new personalized Trados Live environment and look forward to seeing the colors you will pick!


Additional changes

  • Rebranded Online Editor as Trados Online Editor
  • Trados Online Editor In-Context Preview can now be opened in a new window, enabling multi-monitor scenarios better
  • Trados Online Editor now supports showing and 'translating' (copying) Emojis for supported file types
  • Resolved a UI issue where the typed language code would not be removed after selecting the language
  • The Delete button in deletion dialogs are now in red, to help prevent unwanted deletion of resources
  • Copying Project Templates now retains the settings from the previous template
  • The Minimum Match value in Online Editor has now been set to default of 70% but can be changed by a user
  • Resolved some issues with the Find functionality in the Online Editor.
  • New/AT has now been renamed to just New in Analysis report, as MT is a separate category  
  • Project Details and Task Details from the sidebar can now be copied using the copy values icon, this makes it easier to provide IDs
  • SDL NMT has now been rebranded to Language Weaver everywhere in the user interface
  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements

 We hope this post was informative, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product!