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Trados Live Essential - 2021.Q4 Releases

Over the last few months, we have released several updates to our cloud platform in all offerings and wanted to give you a more comprehensive update on what has changed in Trados Live Essential as a result. These updates have been delivered to you incrementally over the last three months. Just login to your Trados Live Essential account to start benefitting from them.

Support for Microsoft .NET software binary formats, including real-time preview

We have introduced a new file type addressing software localization use cases, which represents a significant shift file type support in the Trados platform. We are referring to the new Microsoft .NET Libraries file type. At the time of writing, this file type supports Winforms- and WPF-based libraries in both the 4.x and 5.x generations of the .NET platform and features a real-time preview in Trados Online Editor (Winforms only at the time of writing). Support for .NET 6 (as released in November 2021 by Microsoft) and for WPF real-time preview is planned for the future as part of our continuous product update cycles. To enable this file type in existing file type configurations, edit the configuration, select Add New File Type and then .NET Libraries from the dropdown menu.

This enables .NET binary DLL and EXE files to be submitted for localization and translated as well as previewed in the Online Editor.

E-Mail Aggregation

We have thoroughly updated our e-mail system with a view to reducing the number of e-mails that are sent for task notifications. While previously, you received one e-mail per task, we now aggregate the notifications into one e-mail by 'event'. This significantly reduces the number of e-mails that are sent by the system.

Note: As part of this change certain e-mails are now sent with a 10-minute aggregation period

Batch download/upload improvements

We have introduced a number of enhancements to the batch download and upload functionality based on your feedback. These include:

  • The possibility to replace files without selecting the tasks first, but selecting a project for which you may want to upload the files
  • Increased limit of selectable items in inbox to 2500 from Inbox > New and Inbox > Active
  • Possibility to download files without selecting tasks or selecting only one task

API enhancements

For anyone interested in API development, which can be helpful in automating workflows in both the Trados Live Team and Trados Enterprise offerings, we have updated our APIs as follows:

  • Added APIs for accessing terminology management capabilities, including:
    • Termbase templates: List/Get/Create/Update/Delete
    • Termbases: List/Get/Create/Update/Delete
    • Termbase Entries and Terms: List/Get/Create/Update/Delete
  • Various bugfixes

More details: and 

Additional Changes

  • The Dashboard was improved and now loads significantly faster than previously
  • A Select All checkbox per column was introduced in Project Details > Stages for easier manipulation of many items at once
  • The Translation Memory Maintenance Editor now shows the translation memory name and language direction
  • The Translation Memory import history now includes the original file name
  • Introduced support for InDesign and InCopy 2022 file types
  • For (third-party) XLIFF files (*.xliff, *.xlf) we now also identify and respect the target languages specified in the file, meaning we only copy into the relevant target language
  • Translation Engine details are now visible in linguistic tasks from Inbox > Task details > Translation Engine
  • The new location tree view in filters sidebar, introduced earlier this year, has now been extended to more views. Also, child locations can now be included in the location filter
  • Files can now be cancelled in batch from Project Details > Files
  • Task history now shows the due date
  • Improved performance for projects with thousands of files
  • Improved the batch upload performance for hundreds of files
  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements