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Psst… wanna know a few more things about file types?

I wrote under this title back in 2013 and provided a bit of information about the Word filetypes in Studio.  It was a pretty popular article and I always meant to circle back and do some more.  Seven is a lucky number so now we’re in 2020, seven years later, I thought I’d do it again… and it’s also just as long, so grab a coffee first! The message I wanted to leave users with after that article is that it’s always worth opening the options from time to time and just exploring the filetype options, particularly for the filetypes you work with often.  You never know what you’ll find in there. ... Read the full text.
  • Hi all,  wrote an excellent article in 2013 and he updated it a few months back, but I've only just come across it. I thoroughly recommend you read it, it is very informative!

    For example, among lots of other good stuff... "Today, in Trados Studio 2021, you might not have realised that over 60% of filetypes do have the ability to handle embedded content. But they don’t all do it the same way or carry the same advantages, or disadvantages depending on what the content is.  In fact there seems to be two different ways this can be represented and quite a few different ways of representing where this feature is in each filetype." Paul goes on to explain very clearly how there are 3 ways to handle embedded content and which filetypes they work with. 

    Useful! Take a look!

    All the best,

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