Unveiling Our Latest Micro-Learning - Working with PerfectMatch!

Unveiling Our Latest Micro-Learning - Working with PerfectMatch!

Rocket Exciting News: Unveiling Our Latest Micro-Learning - Trados Studio Level 2 - Working with PerfectMatch!

Greetings RWS Community!

We're thrilled to share the launch of our newest addition to the Trados Studio Level 2 mini-learnings suite: "Working with PerfectMatch." Globe with meridiansSparkles

Course Highlights: 

Clock1 Duration: 30 minutes 

Mortar board Target Audience: Users with some Trados Studio experience looking to enhance their skills in handling updates with PerfectMatch.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Configuring the PerfectMatch batch task during project creation.
  2. Viewing PerfectMatch and Analyze Files reports.
  3. Understanding the differences between PerfectMatches and Context Matches.
  4. Handling PerfectMatches in the Studio Editor.
  5. Setting up and applying PerfectMatches for increased leverage.
  6. Unlocking and editing PerfectMatched segments.
  7. Setting up and applying PerfectMatch without locking segments.

Please note that the PerfectMatch feature is exclusively available within Trados Studio’s Professional Edition.

Ready to dive into the world of PerfectMatch? For more information, visit our website: Learn More

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