Removal of unnecessary hard returns.

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I used a chrome extension ( ) to work online in Office 365 and use AI to remove the hard breaks from text boxes in Powerpoint.  I am absolutely certain that a developer could make use of this and provide a neater solution that could process a complete file, but this test is just interesting to see what's possible when we think about the uses for AI in our business.

I also appreciate that confidentiality is an issue, but if you can use a tool like this for your content then perhaps it's a useful idea to resolve you problem.  I recorded a short video as I played with it so it's a bit rough, but perhaps helpful:

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  • Well, when a client makes a PowerPoint presentation they will sometimes use a line break to put separate words/phrases/sentences one above another in a text box (full stops may or may not be present and clients are very inconsistent in their use of full stops) and sometimes use a line break to split a phrase/sentence into two or more rows in order to fit the space available on the slide, and they will do both of these things many times in a presentation. I don't see how any automated tool could make a correct distinction between these two cases reliably without being able to understand the actual meaning of the language.

    E.g. 1: A phrase split into two lines:

    Introduction to

    FY2022 Strategy

    (Japanese sentence structure would be reversed)

    E.g. 2: Two separate phrases in one text box

    FY2022 Strategy

    FY2022 Results