virtual extended monitor

Recently I have been working on my laptop rather than a big screen, its nice to have the mobility to be able to work in different spots.

But obviously the problem is the limited screen space. So, I wrote this simple script to make it easier to use the "virtual desktops" function in Windows.

First you will need to set up one or more additional desktops by pressing Windows + Tab

Then, this script allows you to "move" between desktops very smoothly. Just click on the left or right sides of the screen.

MouseGetPos, x,y
if (x >=0 and x <=10)
send, ^#{left}

if (x >=2550 and x <=2560) ; Adjust this depending on your horizontal monitor resolution
send, ^#{right}

(Incidently, there is a bug in this Windows function where Excel windows appear on all desktops. In this case just pres Win Tab then right click on the Excel window and select which desktop the window should appear on)