Studio 2022 Find/Replace dialog box is always displayed on top

Hi folks
Does anyone know how to stop the Find/Replace dialog box from always being displayed on top?

In Studio 2017 when you clicked on another window/program the Find/Replace dialog box would then be in the background, below the clicked window/program and no longer in the way. In Studio 2022 it is always in the way (on top) so I either have to move it out of the way, or close it then open it again next time I need it.

This happens in Windows 10 and 11 so presumably it's something to do with Studio 2022. I recently updated Studio, no change.

Any ideas?

The Studio Find/Replace dialog box is always on top of any other window such as the browser as shown in this pic, also if I click in the browser window.

It's the only dialog box that does this. In Word for example the Search/Replace box goes to the background when clicking on Studio (or another program) and is displayed in the foreground when you click on Word again.

Here's what it looks like