Dear friends, hello to everybody.

I have an easy question ...

I use sometimes the plugin for Machine Translation from Russian to Italian ... I use it only sometimes, but it is useful, I admit this. What I do NOT like at all is that now they want to switch to "subscription plan" ... something I hate with all my strength ...

I do not want to be polemic at all ... and I understand everything about Saas etc etc ... BUT I do not accept this ... If You can suggest me some ALTERNATIVE to Inten,to, I would really really appreciate.

Many thanks.

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  • Are you simply looking for a machine translation service Russian->Italian?

  • Ohhh ... Hi Daniel! Hello. Sorry for being so late with my reply ...
    Well, yes and no. I use it sometimes for English, Spanish and German as well, BUT Russian in my most important language. Why? Which service do you use?
    Many thanks.

  • Well, subscription is Intento's business model. They offer (among other things) a hub to access a host of MT platforms. You get a certain amount of free MT with your Trados Studio, that is RWS's Language Weaver.  Then there is the plugin for Opus CAT MT in the appstore, but that requires you install the program on your PC. Those are the free solutions I am aware of.

    Then there are paid MT providers like DeepL, get a subscription, download the plugin from the appstore and you're all set. There is a huge number of MT providers who programmed plugins for the AppStore, really depends on which provider you find offers the best quality in your language pair. Intento routed you to what they consider is the best for your language pair. That's a service you have to pay for.

    Some providers allow you to upload your TMs to customize the translation results, like ModernMT or OPUS CAT, some don't like Amazon and DeepL. Some are very easy to set up (ModernMT, DeepL), some are quite tricky (Google AutoML or Amazon).

    I use DeepL, which is great for the language pair German-English, and OPUS CAT MT, which is great for company-specific language like product names etc. (You have to have training data to make use of that.)

    RWS's translation really improved, I just had a quick look. I used Amazon for some time in the past and a Korean colleague is using it because it's really good for EN-KO. It's very cheap in comparison, but quite a workout to set up, as mentioned before.


  • Fantastic! Thank You for your reply, Daniel! I will check DeepL and the rest!
    Have a great day!

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