Can I make Termbase work together with Neural Machine Translation automatically?

I am translating a passage and using Neural Machine Translation. NMT seems to override Termbase, and it disregards the fact that some terms should be translated in a certain way as I instructed Termbase to do. Isn't it possible for Termbase to kick in automatically while using NMT? Otherwise I don't see the use of it, if I have to correct NMT's mistakes manually.

  • Hi

    Yes in some cases it is possible to a termbase alongside NMT.

    Best review this article here


  • Hi Lydia, the article you attached addresses a different issue, and it involves the use of "SDL MT Cloud", which is not even present in the list of machine translation tools in my Trados Studio 2021 software (the only one that seems to be working is "Language Weaver"). A Trados support representative wrote to me this morning saying that "NMT overrides Termbase", which means that the latter is pretty useless, since most translators nowadays work with machine translation (combined with TM and glossaries, i.e. "Termbases"). I need all of the three features (NMT, TM, Termbase) to work together. NMT and TM seem to work together, but Termbase doesn't seem to. It only suggests a translation when NMT is switched off (which means I'm translating manually, like in the pre-machine translation era).

  • Hi , no the link I sent is relevant because you have a termbase which you want to use alongside NMT.
    For this, the termbase you have need to be migrated into a dictionary. A dictionary alongside NMT will give you an output that is customised based on what you have in your dictionary (termbase).This will reduce the amount of post editing you are doing. However looking into your account for NMT, you currently dont have dictionary support.

    So this is what you need to do:

    1. Log into: 

    2. Upgrade your current plan to at least starter - so that you can have dictionary support

    3. Export your termbase so you can import into your dictionary
    Help on this can be seen here:

    Further support can be obtained from the team direct by using the contact us option