Studio shuts down when trying to add MT enhanced Trados plugin


Studio has been working fine, with use of the MT enhanced Trados plugin, linked to the Google Translate API. On a recent project, Studio with MT enhanced Trados plugin active kept freezing or becoming super slow (despite 50 Gig internet). I deleted the Google Translate TM from the project TM list, and Studio worked normally again.

Now I am trying to add “MT enhanced Trados plugin” again but as soon as I click on it to add it, Trados immediately shuts down.

Can anyone help, please?



  • Hi

    Thank you for validating that when you delete Google Translate Studio works optimally again.

    Are you using it for lookup when it freezes or batch translate?
    Have you found this freeze against all projects regardless of size, or is it project specific.

    To help narrow down the root cause and to give this freeze a bit more context - what happens if you follow the same steps but using a different MT provider such as our NMT or DeepL or anyother you have access too?

    Looking forward to your clarifications so I can continue to support you


  • Hi Lyds,

    Thanks for your quick reply. The freeze happened while I was doing normal translation... not sure what "lookup" or "batch translate" refers to, so probably not that.

    It seems like old projects are fine, regardless of size. I tried one or two. But is is difficult to test because all the translations are already done, so I can't try translating it again because the column is already filled. I have deleted one or two target segments, typed something and pressed Enter, and there was no slowness or freezing.

    But if I try and create a new project, as soon as I try to add "MT enhanced Trados plugin" as a TM for the project, two error dialogue boxes flash on the screen and immediately disappear before I can read what they say. I can just see a red cross. Then another window with the RWS colour in the banner appears but with no content. That the disappears after a few seconds.

    I don't believe I have access to any other MT provider, apart from Google. Is there a free one that I could try?

    Sorry if this does not clarify much; please let me know if there is something I can do to investigate and answer your questions.

    Kind regards,