Studio 2022: ModernMT results are marked as 85% fuzzy matches

I'm using ModernMT with the trial version of Trados Studio 2022 - Every time I move to a new segment, the ModernMT translation shows up in the translation results window as an 85% fuzzy match. It's always 85%, and it happens only with ModernMT. This is problematic because this score of 85% outranks other fuzzy matches in the non-MT TM, and it's also not immediately apparent that certain segments have been automatically translated because they're not marked as "AT."  Furthermore, I use ModernMT as a secondary MT tool simultaneously because I prefer the results from other MT tools. However, this 85% score outranks the results from my preferred MT tool. This is very frustrating. I don't want any MT results to ever be marked as fuzzy matches. I can't find any options to change the settings. I've never had this problem in previous versions of Studio. Does anyone have any thoughts about fixing this problem?

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