Adaptive engines -- how to create (and other questions about the Language Cloud)

"Adaptive engines used: 0 of 2". So I click on the "edit" pen icon. And arrive at a page where it says "You haven't created any adaptive engines yet." But where can I find information about how to do this?

There are also "Industry engines" -- but no information whatsoever about whether I can use any of them, and if so, how?

All in all, there is a deplorable lack of information about these things. Or at least lack of information about where such information is located.

Can anyone help?


PS. I see now that to be able to use industry engines, I have to have an Advanced subscription. That's all right. Still, I'd like to know a bit more about those engines. It seems one has to find out about the SDL Language Cloud very much through trial and error. The only Help resources are a list of FAQs and a list of eight not particularly helpful Knowledge Base articles. Where is all the rest?