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Error Message: "The entry number does not exist in this termbase"


first time here!

When I try to search the entry "plaintiff" in my termbase (as well as the other terms contained in such entry such as "claimant", "Klager" (DE) or "attore" (IT) ), the following error message pops up: "The entry number does not exist in this termbase" (in Italian "Il numero di voce non esiste in questo database"). As you can see from the image attached, the entry shows up in the entry list, but cannot be accessed. Clicking or creating another entry with the same terms it is pointless.   

Apparently, the entry ID number has somehow gone missing or the entry is somehow corrupted. How can I access and modify the entry in order to fix it? Can I avoid recreating the termbase?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I hope you and you loved ones are healthy and safe during these extraordinary times.

Have a nice day ahead,