One or more errors occurred. What kind of error? Where can I check?

While updating a Termbase on MultiTerm, it started giving this error every single time I tried adding a term for the third language of the termbase. No matter what I do, no matter which entry I edit, I get this error. It was sudden and it froze everything. I tried restarting it, I tried editing different entries, same error. Now, my issue is that the error is generic, I can't check anywhere, it doesn't tell me if one entry in particular is giving me issues or what is wrong, it tells me nothing. I don't know what to do. I've been working on this file since yesterday and I need it for a translation that is on hold. I have repeated the same actions for hours (select an entry, add language, CTRL + V for that language, ok), I cannot understand how this is suddenly not working.

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