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Exporting a termbase w/ matching & case sensitivity settings (e.g. for QTerm)

Hi all,

a client is sending MultiTerm exports for use in memoQ/QTerm.

It appears all settings for case sensitivity and fuzzy matching seem to be lost during the export, so once they are imported in QTerm, they default to 50 % prefix and permissive case sensitivity (there are no options to change that during or after import in QTerm or even after importing the xml directly into a memoQ termbase that already has different settings). The exported XML within the termbase export from the client doesn't seem to include any settings regarding matching and case, though the MultiTerm base features such settings. The descrip field in the XML only includes the status attribute (<descrip type="Status">approved</descrip>).

Do you have any advice for advanced export options to include such settings, or is this generally not possible?

Thank you.

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