How can I export the "inclusive" synonyms of terms from MultiTerm 2021 to a text file for insertion in a custom dictionary in MS Word?

Dear fellow Trados and MultiTerm users,

I am trying to export the various inclusive terms contained in the German terms of one of my termbases to be able to add/include them in a custom dictionary in MS Word.

Currently, as shown below, the terms have the following term structure:

TERM: Non-inclusive

FIELD InklusiveSprache: (ja/nein Picklist)

with the inclusive synonym (i.e. InklusiveSprache = ja) as a synonym.

Screen grab of a term with a non-inclusive version, and an inclusive one.

As my employer has opted to use the "gender colon" (as opposed to internal uppercase I, or the gender asterisk), I am thinking I need to filter entries that contain a colon, so that the output will show


but not 


As I understand it, I can filter by term to only display ones that contain ":" but that will return both the original term and the inclusive synonym, and for what I am looking to do I don't need the non-inclusive noun form.

Any bright ideas gratefully appreciated!