How to return a TB with new terms?

Hi Everyone,
Perhaps this is a silly question, but we have been struggling quite a bit.

We manage a large team of translators; everyone should use a termbase.
Now, from time to time, some team members would like to add new terms to the termbase, which is a good thing. Still, we haven't found yet a more practical solution than having the person sending us back their version of the TB to integrate into ours or having the new terms defined and described in a separate file.
Ideally, we would like to know if there is a way to have the translators be able to update in real-time the TB with their entries or, if there is an (EASY) way to have the translator send us back a small TB or TBX including only the new terms that we can easily import into our TB.
Even better, if there is an option to have it included in the return package so that we can automatically import it into the main TB (a bit as we do with TMs).

I hope all the above makes sense.

Thanks for your support and help!


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