Identifying terms that have been newly added in a shared MultiTerm (for in-house term approval)


We want to create an in-house termbase(s) for our projects. The intention is that all members of our small team can add new terms as they go along. (We have not decided if the said Termbases are going to be server or file-based, yet). 

Is there a way of filtering/identifying terms that have been newly added so that we as a team can vet/review them before they stay in the termbase permanently?

I had thought of fiddly ways of having a field "Team approved" where we add "Yes" or "No" and then extracting the TB as an Excel and searching/filtering that, but that seems like a really clunky solution.

The other option would be if we review individual's termbases (and their entries) before adding them to a larger, shared TB - I foresee issues with this solution, too.

I would be grateful if anyone has any bright ideas.

Thanks in advance

  • In MultiTerm you can do a simple filter e.g. all terms after a certain date, or one a complex one of after a certain date with a certain status? I worked in a collective of translators where we used to have a Terminology-Jour Fixe where were used the exported output to then discuss the respective items. Would have thought long-term that a server-based solution might be worth looking at. 

  • Hi  ,

    We work in a small team, too, and use a file-based termbase. But when doing so, we must ensure that only the person who opened it first adds terms to it - otherwise errors come up and the termbase is no longer usable. This  collaborative approach had worked in the past, but unfortunately not for the last two or three MultiTerm versions.

    RWS (and SDL before) advise against using a file-based solution in a team, and experience has shown that they are right. It's a pity that the server-based solution is so expensive... We also considered using the cloud version, but some tests showed that it takes very long until newly added terms are visible (and sometimes they are never displayed). 

    When reconciling termbase entries, you can always export by user name. To merge our termbases, we export one termbase by date and then import the entries into the other one. Not very handy, but it works. We have the advantage of sitting in the same room so that we can discuss terminology on the go...


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    Annette (from Manfred's account)