Excluding ‘+’ signs in UI strings from word count

I am setting up a project in Studio 2022 for 116 Excel files of UI strings. The strings look like this:

head north to + [street_name] + and turn right

The parameters in square brackets, such as "[street_name]," do not need to be translated, so I set up a regex rule below, and it works fine. 

Start Tag: \[

End Tag: \]


However, even though the text in square brackets is locked, there is a large number of ‘+’ signs throughout the files, and I suspect they significantly increase the word count.

Screenshot of two lines of UI strings with parameters and plus signs. The parameters 'street_name' are enclosed in square brackets and highlighted, indicating they are locked or non-translatable.

I would like to know how to exclude the ‘+’ sign from the word count.

Thank you in advance.

Generated Image Alt-Text
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