Laptop Specification Requirements(Intel Celeron 6305)

I'd like a new lap top which could run Trados Studio.

While browsing several websites, I found one model.

Its specifications are as follow:

Model: Samsung 550XDA-K14A

Intel Celeron Processor 6305

8GB DDR4 Memory(upgradable)

128GB NVMe SSD(upgradable)

I know it won't be the optimal specifications, but the price is so tempting.

Could anyone tell me if this model would be enough for me?

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  • Dear Paul

    Thanks for calling me to this topic.

    In my opinion trying to run Studio on a Celeron processor will be a great disapointment. In the very past I used to have a Sony Vaio mini-PC with an Atom processor. Studio didn't work well there. And Windows 10/11 will kill the performance additionaly.

    My recommendation would be Intel i5 or above. 8 GB RAM is not much, but should suffice, if you will use the system just for translation and not open dozens on windows in your browser. SSD ist fine, 128 GB not enough. 256 GB should be there, as the OS and programs will take at leas 100 GB. Windows alone must have at least 10 GB empty disk space, otherwise the system does not work properly.