Excluding any text that isn't English from the source section in a bilingual XML

I have a bilingual XML file, is there a way of automatically excluding any text that isn't English from the source section when processing the file in Trados? It's currently a mix of Arabic and English in the source, and I only want to translate the English into Arabic. I could go through the file manually and lock all of the Arabic sections, but this is a really large file so would take too long, is there a way of doing this automatically/creating a setting that excludes the Arabic in the first place? Thank you!

I have SDL Trados Studio 2021 -

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    Thanks for sending me the file.  I have a couple of questions.

    • the file contains language code attributes like this for example:
    • also this attribute:

    I cannot see any language code for Arabic, nor can I see any Arabic text in the file... only English and Chinese.  Please can you confirm which country code should be used for Arabic (I expected AR but cannot find a single reference to this) or at least how these country code attributes should be used?

    Can you also confirm if the translate="no" attribute should be acted upon as this will also have an impact on the xml filetype I create once you confirm how I'm supposed to decide which segments go into Arabic.

    Paul Filkin | RWS Group

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