How to programmatically get target translation for a segment match in TM in Trados Studio 2022

1. What I am trying to achieve

1. Create project > Use File based TM and our Translation provider for translation. 

2. Fuzzy score is set to 70

3.  If fuzzy match above score “70” is found in TM for a sentence, then grab the target of this fuzzy match.

How can I get target for the fuzzy match programmatically in my code? 

2. what have you tried already?

1. I have already looked into 'Doing Translation Memory Lookups'. But it requires me to specify TM path.

However, I have already added TM during project creation and Trados has already done TM lookup, so I don't need to TM Lookup again get what has Trados has already done.

1. So, how do I programmatically get target of fuzzy match in TM already performed by Trados?

2. Do I need any specific setting during project creation to get target of fuzzy match in TM already performed by Trados?

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