Unable to install updates in Trados 2022

Hi All,

I currently have version of Trados 2022 installed on my desktop computer. I have today received a notification to update to version

To cut a long story short, the last few updates of both Trados 2022 and Multiterm 2022 have been nightmarishly long, including one instance where the update took 30 hours to install.

I am wondering whether this is being caused by an issue with Windows 10. The "Create a restore point" function in Windows 10 is not working on this computer, and I have not been able to resolve this.

Does anyone have any ideas or views on whether these two issues could be related and/or what I could do to resolve it?

Thanks for any suggestions or advice,

  • Hello Paul,

    I understand your concern about the long installation times for Trados 2022 and MultiTerm 2022 updates. It's possible that the issues you're experiencing with Windows 10 could be related. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue:

    Step 1: Update your Operating System (OS), Microsoft Office, and device drivers. Trados Studio relies on these to be up to date. You can check your OS update history by typing in 'Windows Update' in the Windows Search Bar. Run the Windows Updater and ensure all updates have been downloaded and installed.

    Step 2: Update your MS Office. Access your Windows Control Panel, locate Microsoft Office, right-click and select 'Change', then run 'Repair'.

    Step 3: Update your device drivers. You can access the Device Manager by typing in 'Device Driver Update' in Windows Search.

    Step 4: Check your Microsoft.NET update. Trados Studio 2022 requires .NET 4.8.* to run. You can check your current version and ensure it's up to date. If you do not have .NET 4.*.* installed, you will need to install the .NET framework manually.

    Step 5: After completing each step, reboot your machine to ensure all changes have been applied.

    Please note that while following these steps, you should temporarily disable your AntiVirus program and you must be logged onto the machine as an administrator to complete most of these tasks.

    I hope these steps help you resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems, it might be worth considering a fresh installation of Trados 2022 and MultiTerm 2022.

    Best regards,