Trados 2022 crashes and the message Object reference not set to an instance of an object is displayed

I am translating a package as usual and, while I am typing text, Trados 2022 SR1 17.1.8 crashes and the message Object reference not set to an instance of an object is displayed. I have tried the solutions with Reset Window Layout and renaming the file settings with no success? Any idea what other solution there might be?

Here is the error file:


PS: I find it absolutely ridiculous that we are still dealing with the same generic errors we have been getting from Trados since forever. And they are even getting worse, because instead of being simply annoying, they now shut down the program completely! Is this why we have to pay for upgrades every once in a while? For not nothing to get fixed and the same errors to appear again and again? Before asking for our money for the next version, please consider, instead of adding new things, to fix the mess you already have created.


    The problem seems to be related to term verification in Trados Studio.  The method CheckTermsWithoutTarget in Sdl.Verification.TermVerifier.TermVerifierProcessing is attempting to access an object that has not been initialised. 

    This could be due to you using OneDrive for your Termbase and it's not actually available locally when you call it in your project.

    It could also be a problem with mismatched versions of Trados Studio and Multiterm.  You should have:

    Trados Studio 2022 -
    MultiTerm 2022 -

    Or it could be a bug in which case disabling the term verification in your project settings should help.