How to control homograph matches from Multiterm in Studio

This is a question that straddles MT and Studio, not sure which subforum is better...

So say you have homographs in your MT, like down (feathers) and down (adverb). Currently my entries look like this

down (feathers); ID 10505; target(s): clòimhteach, chlòimhteach, clòimhtich, chlòimhtich (they're inflectional forms)

down (adverb); ID 4817; target(s): sìos 

I do require both of them in the same termbase, and both occur in my TM but of course the adverb is more common that the feathers. However, Studio has this irritating habit that when it has a close match (for example if the TM contains a translation for "Move your fingers up on the touchscreen") to select the feathers, rather than the more common adverb i.e. say the new string is "Move your fingers down on the touchscreen", it will tweak the string but invariable with the word for the feathers.

It can't be based on occurrences, or it would pick the adverb. It's not the ID either, as the adverb has a lower ID than the feathers. My guess is that it defaults to picking the first alphabetical option but that's rather ham-fisted and ideally I'd like to find a way of making it suggest the homograph of MY choice, not its choice. 

Any ideas?