Free SDL Trados Studio tutorial


Here is a link to a free SDL Trados Studio tutorial (2011, 2014, 2015 versions).

Looking forward to your comments and questions!

  • Hi Alexei,

    Nice work.... I like the idea of seeing tutorials prepared by real translators as I can see what sort of things are important to them. I think the only comment I would have would be around creating glossaries or termbases. I would have added a video to show how to use the Glossary Converter from the SDL AppStore instead of MultiTerm Convert as this is a far easier approach and suitable for most conversions. But still useful to see the concept via MultiTerm Convert as this provides a good understanding of how termbases work.

    I hope others find your videos really useful too.

    You'll have to make some new ones now for Studio 2017 ;-)

    Kind regards

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your encouraging comments, they do motivate to make further steps!

    I realize that my course (with a few more videos upcoming...) is a bit out of date since Studio 2017 is now available, but making a course was a long-planned activity that I only happened to have implemented now, all because of the absence of spare time.

    But any way, I will definitely continue and do look forward to getting familiar with Studio 2017.

    All the best,