Visibility of MultiTrans Product Roadmap / Showcases


Would it be possible to get some visibility into the MultiTrans Product roadmap - short / medium / long term development?

I appreciate that development sprints will change, but it would be really useful to get a feel for what the current development priorities are and what are the key areas that are being worked on. At the moment we contribute feature requests and ideas but have to wait until release notes to see if anything made it in. We're all for sharing our expertise and ideas to help benefit the product.

Also, it would be great if there were more 'product showcases' done through webinars, or at least recorded videos that are shared on the community.

Please let me know what you all think.



  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your interest! 

    The roadmap themes for MultiTrans in 2021 are Security, Stability, Usability and Desktop client replacement.

    While I cannot share a detailed roadmap, some high level examples of each of these are:

    1. Security: We have designated a Security Lead who is handling a variety of new scan types including static code scans and ethical hacking. We are analyzing the code base to eliminate potential static vulnerabilities, identifying third-party components that may have vulnerabilities and replacing or updating them. Time permitting, additional user tracing features will be added but this is secondary to the tech stack updates.
    2. Stability: We are replacing modules like the Directory Server with newer, more scalable and robust technology, and adding a lot of test automation that was not feasible with the older technology. We reserve a portion of every release for the top customer-reported issues.
    3. Usability: A lot of work has been done on accessibility (WCAG guidelines) and this work will continue. We are removing obsolete settings and plan the release of a new/replacement Business Intelligence module based on SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) later this year.
    4. Desktop client replacement: The goal is to allow a full installation without requiring the MultiTrans desktop client. This project will span more than 2021, and will include some features added to the Web applications and some features added to the Administration Console, as well as more development on the Trados Studio connector.

    Your comments on product showcases and/or videos are well noted.