How to provide a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) in the MultiTrans Licensing Utility

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When a MultiTrans Client retrieves a license from a MultiTrans Server, it uses the address defined in the License Server Definition field of the MultiTrans Licensing Utility program to locate the license server.

Currently this License Server Definition field only accepts an IP address (e.g. @ ) or a hostname (e.g. @nameofserver ). In some environments it may be necessary to provide a fully qualified domain name (e.g. ), but there is a bug in the Licensing Utility program which prevents you from entering a server address in this format.

The following knowledge base article explains how you can work around this limitation of the Licensing Utility and provide a fully-qualified domain as the address of the license server:

The following documentation on this topic may also be useful:

Deploying MultiTrans with the license server pre-configured