Amend/Remove MultiTrans Glossary feature

At the moment, MultiTrans automatically inserts Terminology terms into the target segments by copying the entire source segment into the target segment and replacing the source Terminology term with the target term, which is highlighted in blue. The result is a target segment in the source language with one term in the target language, as below:

Screenshot of MultiTrans interface showing a German source segment with the term 'Hauptstudie' highlighted in blue and its English translation 'main research study' in the Terminology view.

This function has led several linguists to mistake a Terminology-hit segment for a 100% match or fuzzy match and missing said segments at translation stage. These segments also aren’t sorted properly when filtering for fuzzy or untranslated segments.

Would it be possible to remove this autopropagation feature and instead just have glossary terms highlighted in the source segment and displayed in the Terminology view above?