Concordance searches to be more specific / targetted

Some translators are reporting that concordance searches are too wide. Example feedback from one of our translators:

Concordance is too fuzzy
One of the tools that I use a lot and that are essential for consistency is the concordance tool. It can also be a huge productivity booster. In the new Editor though the fuzzys are super wide – I click on a term, and a whole sentence or paragraph is being highlighted. This requires me to read all of the text and go on an Easter egg hunt for the term I am looking for. A no go. (See screen video Concordance - Signal to noise).
This may be well intended to provide context; but I get the context anyway in the not highlighted text; I do want the relevant text highlighted and not just any text. This speeds up working enormously.
To make things worse, sometimes even the wrong text is being highlighted. See screenshot Concordance - too fuzzy.

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, that indeed seems to be the case. I would say that concordance searching is the most requested feature to implement / improve from our translators. I can understand this.



  • What you are proposing is in fact how it was in earlier versions of Multitrans. The change to the current situation came with version 5.7, if I remember correctly. I recall that we were puzzled as to why this concept had been changed in such an unfortunate way. Already then we had asked for a return to the previous situation for the very reasons you mention here.