Map project statuses in Client and PM portal the same way or make project list exportable from Client portal

It appears there is no option to export project list from Client portal. Also, project status selection that is visible in Client portal and in PM portal do not match. So, if I want for example to export a list of all "To be processed", that is visible in status list only at client end, I have to go to PM portal, export list of all projects, and only then, in the export, I am able to see and filter by Client portal project statuses. This is a) confusing as it is not immediately clear which status matches which and b) necessitates unnecessary extra filtering in excel.

Can project statuses in Client and PM portal be mapped the same way, project list made exportable from Client portal.

  • I understand the need for different names or even grouping for different statuses, however at PM end it would be great to have simpler option to reach the projects with "To be processed" status. It could e.g. appear as a sub-category of In Progress in the drop-down, so PMs do not need to export whole list and then filter. It is minor, but current way is not very intuitive and requires extra steps on PM part. 

  • The project statuses can't match, because they're from the perspective of the respective user and we don't want to expose the internal workings to the client. For example, a client will have a status "In Progress" while a PJM might see "On Hold" - maybe it's on hold because we're waiting to find the appropriate linguist, maybe it's on hold because there's a problem with the file - either way, we don't want to show that to the client user.