Option to accept tracking or not no longer available in filter


Earlier versions of TMS filters respected the checkbox in options xml file for Office filters that allowed the user to either accept or not accept tracked changes.

It seems this feature was quietly removed from both TMS and later versions Trados Studio and we only found it out when testing a dev upgrade.

Any removal of features from products should be highlighted in the same clear fashion as additions so that businesses are aware and can determine impact.

  • For our purposes, we do not want tracking accepted. We want TMS to flag and/or fail tracked changes that had not already been accepted prior to submission in system.
  • This is due to general high rate of spacing and other errors that result from wholesale acceptance of tracking in source. 

When brought to RWS' attention, it was indicated they actually expect us to pay PS for 'customization' to put back a feature we have already in production as part of out of box features. Not acceptable. 

Please put the feature back in both latest TMS and Studio filter options.