Automating on SDL Tridion Docs - ISHRemote v0.7 now available

This release was about interactive usage, less typing and more valuable information. The sample based introduction is on ReleaseNotes-ISHRemote-0.7; worth a click. The full details are below.

If you don't know what PowerShell or ISHRemote are about. Or don't know how to install it, then have a look at the videos and supporting blogposts on


  • The -IshSession parameter became optional. So after a New-IshSession call your PowerShell session keeps track of that for you and passes it into the other ISHRemote cmdlets. #46
    • You don't need to actively catch the result in a variable anymore (like $ishSession) and pass it on every cmdlet like -IshSession $ishSession.
    • Note that on every cmdlet you can still explicitly pass an IshSession that overwrites the PowerShell session or when you want to connect to multiple systems from one PowerShell session to transfer or compare.
  • The -RequestedMetadata parameter was optional, but got more sensible defaults. On v0.6 and earlier it would not retrieve any metadata besides the Descriptive fields which are the identifiers of the object. Now it will default to Basic fields which are the typical fields you want to see like FSTATUS and FTITLE. #48
  • The new Basic RequestedMetadata combined with automated PSNoteProperty generation and more explicit derived types of IshObject like IshDocumentObj, IshPublicationOutput, etc allow smoother interactive table rendering in PowerShell. Per object type the *.format.ps1xml was adjusted so by default it would show for example Title, LogicalId, Version, Language, optional Resolution, etc for IshDocumentObjcmdlets. #48
  • Added the following cmdlets
    • Get-IshBackgroundTask #45
    • New-IshDitaGeneralizedXml #41
    • New-IshObfuscatedFile #42
    • Test-IshValidXml #43

If you want to know the details and have links to the source code, have a look at

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