Automating on Tridion Docs - ISHRemote v0.13 now available

This release was about easier legacy conversions and search. The quick overview below is based on ReleaseNotes-ISHRemote-0.13 (with images and examples) and - both worth a click :-) 

If you don't know what PowerShell or ISHRemote are about. Or don't know how to install it, then have a look at the videos and supporting blogposts on

What changed...

  • Tuned Get-IshTypeFieldDefinition to show all fields per type, including how permitted values are resolved (e.g. LOV, types or even MetadataBinding)
  • New cmdlet Search-IshDocumentObj that allows simple searches or extended searches enabled by the rich <ishquery> xml syntax. Pipeline friendly result for reporting or transformations.
  • New cmdlet Add-IshBackgroundTask that allows raising background tasks, and comes pre-configured for legacy asynchronous smart tagging operations.
  • Extended some cmdlets like Get-IshFolderContent and Get-IshFolder to support legacy conversion operations allowing quick filtering per object type or immediate extra metadata retrieval.
  • Slight repetition, but didn't get its own blog post, since v0.11 there are Annotation cmdlets to open up access to Draft Space and Review Space comments and suggestions entries.

If you want to know the details and have links to the source code, have a look at specifically v0.13

Have fun,