Bootcamp session for Tridion Docs 15 release

Bootcamp session for Tridion Docs 15 release

The Bootcamp session, in which we shared all new and improved features in the upcoming Tridion Docs 15, is now available under Resources section.

We hope you enjoy the recordings holding a lot of details to help you assess the impact and benefits of upgrading to our newest release.

This Bootcamp consists of a series of 4 videos covering all aspects of the latest developments with Tridion Docs 15 release since the previous release of version Tridion Docs 14 SP4.  

  1. Bootcamp video 1 of 4 - Modern Authentication and Platform Support
    This session is presented by Ivo Van De Lagemaat, product owner and architect for Tridion Docs. In this session Ivo explains and demonstrates in detail the what, why and how of the newly introduced Modern Authentication via OpenID Connect and Access Management. He also talks about the benefits of this across the Tridion Docs ecosystem. Then moving on to Platform Support he talks about the product versions, systems and technologies that are deprecated and obsolete and the ones that are newly introduced and in growth and maturity stage. This is followed by an in-depth walkthrough of the changes that were made to the ISHDeploy and ISHRemote commandlets. 
  2. Bootcamp video 2 of 4 - Content Delivery
    This session is presented by Ben Middleton, principal architect. In this session Ben explains and demonstrates all changes introduced to the content delivery platform for Tridion Docs 15. He begins by highlighting the changes made to the semantic content models to support the terminologies that are native to Tridion Docs domain. Continuing ahead, he talks about the enhancements to the Semantic AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities related to recommendations. And finally specify all the platform updates that were implemented for the upcoming release.
  3. Bootcamp video 3 of 4 - Collective Spaces And Client Tools
    This session is presented by Varun Sood, product owner for Tridion Docs. In this session Varun explains the rationale and details regarding all the feature enhancements and new developments that were made for Draft Space, Review Space and Client Tools since the 14 SP4 release. Starting with Collective Spaces, he talks about the feature and UI (User Interface) enhancements followed by a demo. Then moving on to Client tools, he briefly explains about the feature and compatibility upgrades that were made for the Tridion Docs 15 release.
  4. Bootcamp video 4 of 4 – Organize space and Extensions Workshop summary.
    This session is presented by Ivo Van De Lagemaat, product owner and architect for Tridion Docs. In this session Ivo gives a walkthrough of the newly built Organize Space and demonstrates some of its useful features and capabilities. Organize Space is the successor of the Web Client. This session also covers a brief explanation of Extensions features that help customers to build custom functionality. 

If you are looking for a more high-level overview, please have a look at Looking to the Future - Roadmap for Tridion Docs 15 webinar recording

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