Introducing Tridion Docs Genius: The AI-Powered Knowledge Hub

Introducing Tridion Docs Genius: The AI-Powered Knowledge Hub

As organizations strive to deliver structured content effectively, the challenge lies in ensuring that users can easily access the right information to accomplish their tasks.

Delivery of technical documentation often focuses on search, getting users to a good starting place. But in many cases users have goals that a single page cannot cover. Serious tasks can require reference info, scenarios, and guidance. Users may need information from different media. Each user’s goal depends on their specific context, and they need to follow a unique path through the information. Writers cannot possibly design content for all those users, with all their unique paths...

Tridion Docs Genius addresses this challenge by providing a powerful solution that enhances content discoverability and presents this to the user in an accessible, trustworthy, and easy to digest format. It is more than search or an AI-tool; it is the way that capabilities come together to enable user goals.

Features of Tridion Docs Genius:

  1. AI-Powered Recommendations:
    • Leveraging semantic AI, Genius suggests relevant content to users.
    • Improved findability leads to better user experiences and increased productivity.
  2. Hexahops Navigation:
    • Hexahops introduce a novel navigation concept. Users can get to their end goal faster by hopping to related topics seamlessly.
  3. Semantic Search Refinement:
    • Tridion Docs Genius enables users to search across all content. Users can refine results by goal, version, and other criteria.
  4. Trustable Chat:
    • Conversational AI assistant designed to accompany you throughout your journey based upon your trusted sources. Aiming to reassure users by guiding them towards the most accurate answers, in human language. Including references display of original sources to ensure users answers are reliable.
  5. Customizable Portal:
    • Personalize your Genius portal by adding your organization's name, logo, and brand colors. A branded experience fosters trust and familiarity among users.
  6. Clean Design and Clear Navigation Paths:
    • Genius prioritizes usability. Its clean design ensures that users can focus on content without distractions.
    • Clear navigation paths guide users toward their goals efficiently.

Explore Tridion Docs Genius

Curious to see these features in action? Watch our bootcamp session where we dive deeper into Tridion Docs Genius and provide an overview of all its capabilities and how they relate.