NEW! Tridion Docs - An Introduction eLearning course

The Training Team is pleased to announce the publication of a new Tridion Docs eLearning course: "Tridion Docs - An Introduction".

The course is aimed at members of the Core Team who will participate in the Tridion Docs implementation. It helps in preparing them for the consultant-led Tridion Docs Fundamentals training, discussion and discovery which happens at the start of a project. It will also be helpful for regular users before they get internal training from the Core Team or any user who wants to get familiar with Tridion Docs key concepts and tools.

The eLearning is hosted on the RWS University learning portal. It will be offered at no cost to all attendees (max. 8) of the Fundamentals instructor-led training (implementation workshop). Additional accesses to the course can be bought either online via this page  or through your sales representative.Each user will be given individual access to the course and will be able to take it at their own pace.

 You will find the course outlines attached. Please visit the RWS website for more information on Tridion Docs courses available for partners and customers.

Happy Learning!

Your RWS Training Team