SDL Tridion Docs Architectural Runway (TXS2020)

Hi all,

Only two weeks ago we did a technology heavy virtual conference called Tridion Experience Summit (TXS2020). I believe you can still register on albeit to make sure that you are on the mailing list for the next one.

This blog post is to highlight the architectural session regarding Tridion Docs (formerly known as Trisoft InfoShare, LiveContent Architect, Knowledge Center) that I did which comprised of three major topics:

  1. Platform support, as in stepping away from DLL Hell (COM+) over Windows .NET Framework into cross-platform .NET (Core)
  2. Public API, how to marriage the business compatibility with the communication layer so from SOAP into OpenAPI
  3. Security, what is next on Modern Authentication so after OASIS WS-Federation and WS-Trust

TXS 2020 Day 1: SDL Tridion Docs Architectural Runway - YouTube

There were a lot of good sessions, a full conference play list is here. If I can high light some Tridion Docs oriented sessions, then have a look at

  1. TXS 2020 Day 1: What Metadata Binding in Tridion Docs Can Teach Us
  2. TXS 2020 Day 2: Integrating New Publishing Outputs SDL Tridion Docs - YouTube
  3. TXS 2020 Day 2: Partner Presentation - Fonto - YouTube
  4. TXS 2020 Day 2: Designing a Domain-Specific-Language - YouTube
  5. TXS 2020 Day 2: Deep Dive into SDL Tridion DXD Search Experience - YouTube

Enjoy the holidays!!