Tridion Docs 14SP3

A new release of Tridion Docs, 14SP3, is now available.

This release includes SDL Tridion Docs Content Manager (14.0.3), Dynamic Experience Delivery (11.5.0; hotfixes required), DXA-for-NET (2.2; hotfixes required) and DXA-for-JAVA (2.2; hotfixes required).

Highlights of this release:

Content Importer

  • Improved findability on your imports by giving them a name
  • Option to use new identifiers on imported content
  • Cleanup of conversion files
  • Starting a new import with the same settings

Collective Spaces

  • Improved browse dialog for finding reusable content, including a new search
  • Easier to work with cross-reference links
  • Editing of DITA Relationship tables

All the new features are explained in the 14SP3 bootcamp session.

See also the product announcement on this new release.

More information about this release is available at