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64-bit version of Studio

Please create a 64-bit version of Studio. At present only a 32-bit version is available, and therefore it can theoretically only access 2-3GB of system memory, meaning that upgrading your machine with more memory then this does not have any beneficial impact on Studio performance.

When handling large files & projects, allowing Studio access to all of your system's memory would make a huge difference in time and performance, and for this the app needs to be 64-bit.

Are there any plans to release a 64-bit version in future?

  • Interesting to hear you do this as I do, too. Almost all my clients run Studio and I do everything in memoQ, exactly as you describe. Plus I also provide Studio support for them now and then, especially regarding terminology handling, or rather the lack of it :).

    As to that 100% match propagation, I think it's the only thing I do like about Trados. I'll be using your tip for memoQ. The need to regularly run pre-translate here is a pain.

  • The problem with Web applications is that if they are browser based, I will certainly drop Trados Studio due to the fact that translating in a browser is a huge breach of any NDA you signed with your client/outsourcer. A fact that many people are NOT aware of.

    The problem here is that all browsers even in privacy mode secretely grab everything you type (even if it is not sent via submit). This even goes for Firefox but to a way lesser extent and you can harness this one best with various addons. Browsers coming from companies that rely on income from correctly placed ads are very bad. In IT Chrome is deemed the worst as they had to admit grudgingly a few years ago after their lies in a hearing of the EU had been debunked. It's been proven that they use around 11k tracking cookies in Chrome to built profiles of their users. Unfortunately most users and companies have Chrome installed. This does not go hand in hand with GDPR regulations.

  • A Web application is the model many companies tend to adopt, since, unlike standalone applications, that model is an annual subscription one, which guarantees a more consistent and predictable stream of revenues... it's more interesting for shareholders. Captive users will follow anyway... at least, it is their bet. But as I just wrote it elsewhere, competition is not inactive and is attractive too...

  • Totally agree. And what you suspect makes sense.

  • Just had to buy memoQ a couple of days ago, for two new clients who work with it, and still exploring it. If Studio remains, IMHO, far more ergonomic, memoQ is far more fast and reliable at this point of my experience. Also, I can find some more features in it and customization options. Even real time preview, that never worked well in Studio since 2009, works fine in memoQ.

    That just shows how Studio does not evolve for a couple if years. Or, more specifically, how RWS puts efforts on useless features such as cloud functions, at the expense of long time issues fixing or long time reqested new core fonctionalities.

    It's a pity, since I really like Studio, but it sounds like if RWS does not listen to its user base. In the same time, competition progresses.