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Error message when uploading a Groupshare project

Hi. When I work on a GroupShare project and I try to save, the project is correctly saved locally, but then it seems that the message "Loading file" (in Italian: "Caricamento file in corso") gets stuck and after some time I get the following error message: 

Please find here the error file: /cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/347/6012.sdlerror_2D00_20221130_2D00_15h49m56s.sdlerror.sdlerror.xml

The same thing also happens when I try to check in the file after completing the task. For the sake of completeness, I recently switched from a Windows computer to a MacBook virtualizing Windows through Parallels, but I am not sure this is relevant as until a few days ago it always worked properly.