Welcome to the Trados Studio group.

Trados Studio offers an extensive platform in which users can edit, review, and manage their translation projects. It offers multiple core technologies built to help improve the quality, efficiency, and scalability of translations. With the essential cloud capabilities included with Studio, you can move between desktop and cloud working as it suits you. You have the option to work from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Here you will be able to find forums for Trados Studio related topics. In addition to a dedicated channel for Studio itself, you also have separate forums for asking cloud and RWS AppStore related questions. If you can’t find a forum that fits your question at hand, use the ‘General’ forum.

You will need to join the group to collaborate with other group members. Feel free to ask a question or reply to someone else's forum thread. You can also subscribe to the forums and we’ll email you when anything is posted. Not interested in the forums? There's lots of other useful content in the blogs, product updates media galleries and wiki's.

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