Cannot access entry although it appears in hit list

I'm using MT 2019 desktop version and I had edited the entry in question this morning. Don't know whether I made some mistake there but now that entry is displayed in the list of entries, I it's in the hit list - but if I click on the term, nothing happens/opens. So, I cannot edit or delete or copy the entry.

Reorganizing the data base completes but with one error message: ID 111 - entry must have a least 1 term.( Id: 111, Der Eintrag muss mindestens einen Terminus enthalten.) Searching for ID 111 produces no results. (there's about 300 entries in the database).

Don't know whether it's this term but is definitly has entries in several languages. AS it's one of the bigger ones, I don't want to use the content, so could anyone advice on how to solve this problem without having to export/reimport the whole database with all its languages?



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