Add terms to specific termbases (with keyboard shortcuts) in Trados Studio

I would love it is it was made possible to add terms to specific termbases (with keyboard shortcuts), on the fly.

Many other CAT tools currently support this, and I would love to see this functionality added to the latest version of Trados Studio, which is currently my favourite CAT tool.

I am currently using Nora Díaz's great little AutoHotkey script (see: to add terms to a secondary termbase, but since it's based on AHK, it isn't perfect.

Using the Trados/MultiTerm API is beyond my capabilities, but the developers at RWS ought to be able to handle this.

In any case, being able to quickly send terms to a project termbase & background termbase (with keyboard shortcuts) is a very useful feature in a CAT tool, and is sorely needed IYAM.

I just created an Idea, so if you would like to see this implemented, PLEASE UPVOTE!!! 


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