Which .NET online regex tester do you use?

I am wondering which online .NET regex tester people use?

In general, I like this one: https://regex101.com/, but it does not support .NET.

The one with .NET support I found has a really, ahem, basic UI: http://derekslager.com/blog/posts/2007/09/a-better-dotnet-regular-expression-tester.ashx

There is this one, which is a bit more recent: https://rextester.com/tester

But nothing comes near the "normal" regex testers (PCRE, Javascript). What online regex testers do people use? What can you recomment for .NET?


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  • Based on your recommendation, I purchased RegexBuddy today. As you say, it has the advantage that it covers all regex flavours, but at the cost of having a less-than-intuitive UI. Again, I would agree that its analysis is more accurate than other debuggers I have tried. However, because I work exclusively in the .NET environment, I will remain with RegexHero with its better UI, except in special situations. 

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