How to translate the alternative text of images in Trados


A client of mine exported a CSV file (separated by ; and with " as string delimiter) from his website for translation, and I really can't create a rule to translate the text in the img alt tag.


4615;"Let's talk about water [infographic]";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]";"<p>It sounds pretty obvious that you can't live without a lot of water.<br />But how much water do you need, actually?</p><p><img alt=""This is a huge amount of water"" src=""/site/assets/files/4615/i_need_water_2021_1.jpg"" width=""1600"" /><img alt=""Another picture of water"" src=""/site/assets/files/4615/ocean_2021_2.jpg"" width=""1600"" /><a href="""></a></p>";"[DO">>";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]";"[DO NOT TRANSLATE]"

As I couldn't translate the CSV file using the CSV filetype (there is more than one column to translate) nor the TXT filetype (for segmentation issues), I chose to save it as XLSX.

I took off the standard tag definition rules and added a rule for every single tag, as the standard rule covers the alt img tag.

Now, I want to translate the alternative text (in orange) creating a tag pair with the rest of the tag, but I can't find a rule for that.

I tried with this:




But the second part begins from the first couple of "".

What is the right way to create this rule?

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  • Apologies for the delayed response.  I have put an updated settings file here:


    It seems to do a fairly good job.

    One thing I did note is that you are corrupting some characters in getting the CSV into Excel, for example:

    I can't be sure since you gave me an XLSX that has different content to the CSV, but the problem is most likely because you need to add a BOM to the CSV before importing into Excel and then the encoding should be respected.  If the chars are already corrupted in the CSV then this won't help of course!

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