Google Cloud API key not validated with Google

Dear all,

I have worked with no trouble with the Google Cloud API in Trados (my version is 2017 Freelancer). The API for Google Cloud Translation is enabled and my billing account is set up. Everything was working fine until today.

What is freaking me out is that Google Validator successfully validate this key.

Therefore, I am left with no clue on how to troubleshoot. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Hello Fabio,

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  • It may be down to the implementation of the API in Trados Studio 2017. We stopped supporting the Google API in Trados Studio after that version and moved to app based support.  The app you used to validate te key was written to support users working with the apps that do use a later version of the Google API.

    I have no idea if this is cause of your problem or not.  I can only tell you we have been testing the Google plugins over the last few days for the updated 2021 version and also the new 2022 version and our keys are working.

    So to be sure I just installed 2017 and tried my key.  It seems to be working.  Which model did you try to use?