QA showing many false positives for Terminology Verification

Hi Community,

I've seen this issue around the RWS Community but I couldn't find a concrete answer/solution.

I have a TB with approx. 8000 Terms (DE, FR, IT, EN) and when running QAs on my projects, I often get false positives regarding Terminology Verificaiton. Here is an example:

In German: Verteilnetz

In Italian: rete di distribuzione

In the confirmed translated segment, the terms are correct using the ones from my TB, but Trados still shows me an warning message that the destination segment is not using the right term.

As you can also see, I got over 400 warnings, and it is very tedious to go through all of them especially if they are mostly false positives.


I am using Trados Studio 2017 Freelance, and QA settings are set as follow:


Does anybody have a solution, or recommendation?