Can not login to a Groupshare project using Trados Desktop 2022

I used to use a Groupshare project using Trados Desktop 2021, but now I cannot login to the same Groupshare project using Trados Desktop 2022. The error message is below.
Off course, Server Address, Login Provider, User name, and Password are the same for Trados 2021 and 2022. Help me as quickly as possible!

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  • Lyds,
    First of all, though it is a wonder, today I can login to a Groupshare project as usual. I am not sure if this is related to the yesterday's notification from RWS that said "This is to notify you that the issue with the Trados Enterprise platform affecting login services has been fully resolved. All services are now available and working as normal".

    Regarding to your reply, I was able to login to via the web during the time of trouble (I tested this at the time). So I was sure there were no misses in my operations.
    Secondly in my setting for Microsoft Edge browser, browsing history, cookies, site data are cleared automatically at the time of Edge shutdown.
    Thirdly the username and/or password have never been changed, and those don't remain in the web browser cache.

    Anyway I may be using this function as usual from now on, I expect. And thank you for your suggestions.